Important information is gotten via Trakcare by NHS professionals through Fife.

What is vital to note that actual data is being used by frontline staff in every acute and community hospitals of NHS Fife so that they can further conduct patient care after they go live with trakcare of InterSystem.

This helps the 10 hospitals work more proficiently and update latest technology and new paper based methods of working  along with the recent electronic patient record ( EPR).

It is exciting to note that Trakcare builds a combined view of every patient’s history where information is gone in. This became instantly available to all authorized care providers.

There was a confirmation from the health board to use TrakCare last June which is considered as a part of projects to transfer to a single EPR for patients, providing that vital patient date is accessed by authorized clinical staff.

Mark Palmer, InterSystems UK and Ireland country director shared: NHS Fife is a powerful example of clinical engagement, collaboration, and determination to ensure that technology addresses hospital needs so that the best is achieved for patient care”.

There is no doubt that eHealth staff of NHS Fife cooperated with clinicians to use TrakCare on 1 April 2017. The majority of employees of NHS Fife are at present instructed to deploy the system. Scott McLean, chief operating officer for acute services shared that the system helps make health records, referral and waiting list processes in a more effectual way.

McLean shared: “Importantly, TrakCare brings into line information that is used across acute, mental health and community services, making it easier for to share information across services in good time and support clinical decision making”.

He also added: “A further benefit of TrakCare is that it includes real-time bed management processes; this means that we can access real-time bed occupancy across the whole of NHS Fife and get a picture of how many people are in our hospital.”

The first step of the plan has finalized at lately, which leads to the fact that this makes NHS Fife the eleventh of Scotland’s 14 boards so as to deploy the TrakCare system. The system is the leading EPR in Scotland.

It is important to acknowledge that deployment first started in the emergency department of health board, prior to rapidly expanding to other clinical fields.

The stage two of the project is going to witness the development of TrakCare so as to deliver extra functionality, like order communications, which is highly likely to update the flow of vital data between diagnostic departments and frontline clinical staff.

It is necessary to note that Mental health administration will play an important role in the stage two because the health board cooperates with InterSystems in order to identify other fields of application.

In addition, 370,000 residents of Fife are provided with healthcare by NHS Fife and approximately 8,500 staff are employed by it as well.

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