CQC inspection has been passed by Now GP Telehealth Service.

At present, there is the fact that the Care Quality Commission inspection has been passed by Healthcare Group, platform of the Now GP video consultation service. This leads to the truth that the provider becomes the first one of telegraph GP services which gets confirmed “safe” by the powerful regulator of health and social services.

For a month, certain inspection reports have been published by the CQC. These reports have given critical of providers of digital patient services, including a quantity of online pharmacy providers.

After the Now GP service passed CQC inspection on the 14th of June, Now Healthcare Group was assessed  as a safe, effective, caring, responsive and well- leading service provider given that it meets all vital requirements across the five CQC inspection sections.

Except for Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor, which was recently the initial online healthcare provider so as to pass the thorough inspection, NHG is considered as the first provider in its area in order to gain a “five out of five” score. Moreover, there was an introduction of latest digital methodology and guidelines of the CQC for digital health suppliers earlier this year.

There are two well-known providers that did not pass completely the inspection. They are Push Doctor and Pharmacy2U. the online video GP consulting service was found by the CQC report on Now Healthcare Group in order to get qualified and registered GPs; suitable recruitment reviews; wide-ranging systems so as to check patient iGOP identity and systems so as to make sure that staff got appropriately informed so that they can deliver safe care and treatment to patients.

Lee Dentith, the founder and CEO of Now Healthcare Group shared that the outcomes become the reflection of the great development that they attempts to achieve as a healthcare supplier.

“At a time when patient safety and digital health services are under high levels of scrutiny, it’s an incredible achievement to be the first telehealth GP service to be found to be meeting all necessary requirements.”

“Hopefully this demonstrates to our public and private clients and partners that they are working with the UK’s most reputable provider and the clear industry-leader in this field.”

Dentith noted: “I would like to thank our team for their incredible hard work and dedication that has made this achievement possible.”

What is interesting to note that the firm has been cooperated with the NHS over the past two years. Moreover, over 100,000 repeat prescriptions have been serviced in the nationwide scale by the company. Furthermore, the latest NHS supplied services are highly likely to be published by the firm, which may get judged by approximately 15 million people in the UK. This will get announced in September.

It is equally necessary to note that there is a connection between Now GP and the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme, a cooperation of academic health science networks in the capital. The program is built to stimulate the adoption of technology to increase innovation in the NHS

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