6 Health Editors Share the Best Thing They purchased in 2017

6 Health Editors Share the Best Thing They purchased in 2017

Number 1: Madewell The Perfect Summer Jean in Fitzgerald Wash

According to Kathleen Mulpeter, senior editor, the editor shares: “I don’t usually spend that much money on denim ($30 Zara jeans are my go-to), but earlier this year I splurged on the straight-leg ‘Perfect Summer’ jeans from Madewell after reading many, many positive reviews online—and hands down, they are the best pair of pants I’ve ever owned. Made of 100% premium cotton denim, they’re soft but hold their shape, and the high waist is incredibly flattering. I get compliments each time I wear them and have turned multiple friends on to them, too. (Not a fan of the light wash? They’re also available in black.) Madewell, if you’re reading this, please don’t ever stop making these jeans!”

In order to purchase: $115; madewell.com

Number 2 : Chameleon 10-Pack Cold-Brew Coffee Pods

When asked,  Julia Naftulin, assistant editor obtained her intriguing experience: “The moment I discovered cold brew, my life changed for the better. The only problem: buying it at Starbucks or local coffee shops can get really expensive. That’s where these Chameleon Cold-Brew Pods come in. One of the tea bag-like ‘pods’ can be placed in an 8-oz. cup of water and stored in your fridge overnight. The next morning, you’re left with tasty and energizing cold brew for a fraction of the price you’d pay at Starbucks. Plus, it tastes 10x better than office coffee.”
So as to purchase: $12; bedbathandbeyond.com

Number 3 : Cuisinart Collapsible Microwave Popcorn Maker

As far as Sarah Klein, senior editor, the editor noticed:  “I am obsessed with popcorn, but I’m not thrilled about the ingredients added to the traditional microwaveable varieties. This collapsible microwave popper offers all the convenience of a store-bought microwaveable bag but gives you 100% control over the toppings. I use it more nights than I’d like to admit!”
So as to purchase: $13; bedbathandbeyond.com

Number 4: Seychelles Women’s Tame Me Ankle Bootie

When Evin Billington, associate social media editor  was interviewed, the editor noted : “I’m so obsessed with these shoes, I have them in two colors. They go with absolutely everything and can be dressed up or down—I wear them to work almost every day. They’re also crazy comfortable. I’ve never gotten foot pain while wearing them, even on days when I spend hours on my feet. I love them so much I’m planning on buying two more pairs as a backup for when mine wear out.”
In order to purchase: $140; amazon.com

Number 5: Spanx Look at Me Now Black Camo Seamless Leggings

Under eyes of Catherine DiBenedetto, features director, the director told us: “I bought these after we wrote about them earlier this year, and now they’ve become my go-to leggings. They’re super comfy and somehow manage to smooth out my tummy without feeling too tight or restrictive. Plus, they’ve got this edgy camo pattern I love.”
So as to purchase: $68; amazon.com

 Number 6: Drybar The Wrap Party Styling Wand

By the time we asked Lisa DeSantis, beauty editor some questions about her go-to things, she answered:  “Upon first glance, it looks like any other curling wand, but prepare to be amazed. The part closest to the base is actually considerably smaller than the end, so when you wrap hair around it, the roots will end up having a tighter curl (because that’s where you want the most volume). The larger end will leave the ends of your hair loose for a modern take on waves.”
So as to purchase: $165; nordstrom.com


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